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Alexander, Corker Should Fight to Protect Tennesseans

The Tennessee Tribune reports on Tennesseans with pre-existing medical conditions and their concerns with Brett Kavanaugh: “What would happen if our son lost protection for his pre-existing conditions? I hold Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander responsible if they vote to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court because this lawsuit is winding its way... [Read more]

Blackburn Faces Campaign Finance Complaint

From Fox 17 in Nashville: The group (TNCA) is seeking an investigation, claiming FEC reports and commentary by Ward Barker, a political consultant, show “sufficient grounds” for possible coordination between the Blackburn for Senate campaign and “at least three outside groups.” “Such coordination is a violation of the... [Read more]

Whose Side are You On?

One might expect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to take the side of payday lending consumers when payday predators file a lawsuit attempting to halt the implementation of key consumer protections. But, this is the Trump Administration and Mick Mulvaney, so instead, we see the CFPB backing industry groups and pushing against implementing the... [Read more]

Danger: Toxic Merger Ahead

A warning about the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger from our friends at Consumer Federation of America: A coalition of farming, consumer, and environmental groups delivered more than 97,325 public comments to the Department of Justice today, urging the agency to reject the Bayer (BAYN) and Monsanto (MON) merger. The agency closes its comment period today... [Read more]

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Economic Justice

More Debt, Higher Risk for Students — PROSPER Act

Some analysis from our friends at The Institute for College Access and Success (TICAS): Congress... 

SNAP Cuts Fail in House

A Farm Bill that included billions of dollars in cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition... 

Time to Fight for SNAP

This year, Congress gave every millionaire in the United States a $51,000 tax break... 

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Consumer Protections

Danger: Toxic Merger Ahead

A warning about the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger from our friends at Consumer Federation... 

Consumer Protections Under Attack

In These Times reports on how the Trump Administration is seeking to erode consumer... 

Investigate the Loan Shark Defender

Our friends at Americans for Financial Reform and Change to Win are calling for an... 

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