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What Jeremy Durham Exposed

No, not that. Well, probably that. But also, he exposed a huge loophole in Tennessee campaign finance law. In fact, what Durham exposed was so big that now, Speaker Beth Harwell wants to take action. Specifically, Durham’s campaign finance misdeeds relate to a disappearing $190,000. The money was allegedly invested, which isn’t currently... [Read more]

Double Your Impact — Keep the Fight Alive

This year, we’ve been fighting hard on issues ranging from healthcare security to payday lending to campaign finance transparency. We plan to keep fighting — this year and into the 2017 legislative session. And we’re pleased to have the support of activists from across the state. Now, we have a tremendous opportunity to strengthen... [Read more]

Fighting for Election Transparency

We believe elections should be fair and that campaign funding should be transparent. That’s why we filed a complaint when an outside group spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in Nashville School Board races and appeared to be coordinating their efforts with candidates in violation of Tennessee campaign finance law. We’re pleased the Tennessee... [Read more]

The Case for Payday Lending Reform

The Orlando Sentinel argues that the CFPB’s proposed payday lending rules should be made stronger: The proposed federal regulations would compel payday lenders to do more to assess whether a borrower has the ability to afford a loan. They would be required to check the borrower’s credit and consider his other living expenses. This is what... [Read more]

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Civil Justice

ALEC’s Money Laundering Machine Hits Tennessee

A recent news report out of Georgia turned up some disturbing happenings at the American... 

Miscarriage of Justice Act Deemed Unconstitutional

Back in 2011, we told you all about Governor Bill Haslam’s “Miscarriage... 

Loss of Senator Estes Kefauver 50 Years Ago Still Felt Today Loss of Senator Estes Kefauver 50 Years Ago Still Felt Today

The column by D. Bruce Shine pasted below ran today in the Kingsport Times-News today.... 

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Consumer Protections

“Rip-off Clause” May Come to an End

Lisa Gilbert and Lisa Donner note in The Hill today that the so-called “Rip-off... 

TNCA Stands Against Forced Arbitration

Tennessee Citizen Action today joined 280 other groups from around the country in... 

Time to End Forced Arbitration

Tennessee attorney Mark Chalos explains the harms of forced arbitration and why it’s... 

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