Ballot Box – HB1114/SB0950

HB1114 / SB0950 – Extraordinary Powers Granted to State Election Coordinator
SPONSORS: Rep. Curry Todd / Sen. Ken Yager

LAST WEEK 5/9: Senate passed with amendment 2. House concurred in Senate amendment 2. Sent to the speakers for signatures.

A SMALL VICTORY! The bill was amended to take the secrecy out. The new amendment specifies that any testimony given at the request of the election coordinator will be before the state election commission in an open meeting.

SUMMARY – STATE COORDINATOR OF ELECTIONS WOULD GET TO ASK YOU QUESTIONS…IN SECRET: “In conducting an investigation or an audit pursuant to subdivision (a)(5)(A)(i)(a) or (b) the coordinator of elections or the coordinator’s authorized representative may issue subpoenas and summon witnesses, administer oaths to such witnesses, take the depositions of witnesses, compel the production of documents, exhibits,  records or things, and require testimony on any issue related to the investigation or audit…..Any report of an investigation conducted by the coordinator’s office pursuant to the request of the attorney general and reporter and/or a district attorney general and filed with the attorney general and reporter and/or a district attorney general or a grand jury shall be privileged and confidential and shall not be deemed to be a public record.”

  • Vote “NO” on SB 0950
  • An unelected political appointee should not have the power to summon and/or investigate Tennesseans in secret.
  • The Attorney General and local District Attorneys already have the power to investigate problems with voter and voting. Let them do their job.
  • The way the law stands now, if the coordinator of elections sees a problem, he investigates it and turns it over a DA who is a lawyer and is equipped with all the powers he needs to further investigate.
  • SB 0950 would give the coordinator of elections new, unbridled powers that the office has never had before.
  • Watch a video of House floor discussion for a better understanding of the details of this bill.