Ballot Box – HB324/SB352

SPONSORS: Rep. Curry Todd/ Sen. Chuck Norris (Actually, it’s Mark Norris. But woudn’t that be kinda cool?)

PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP TO REGISTER TO VOTE: It’s a new bill. “The coordinator of elections shall compare the statewide voter registration database with the department of safety database to ensure non-United States citizens are not registered to vote in this state.  The coordinator of elections is authorized to compare the statewide voter registration database with relevant federal and state agencies and county records for the same purpose.  If evidence exists that a particular registered voter is not a citizen of the United States, the coordinator of elections shall notify the county election commission where the person registered to vote that the registered voter may not be a citizens of the United States.”

THIS WEEK: Set for Senate State & Local Government Committee, Wed, 4/19, 10:30 am, LP12; House Calendar & Rules, Tues, 4/19, 8:00 am, LP16.