Working Tennesseans – HB 0130/SB 0113

SPONSORS: Sen. Jack Johnson, Rep. Debra Maggart

REMOVAL OF COLLECTIVE BARGAINING FOR TEACHERS: Because of the positive influence a quality public school education has on our young people, we should always be thinking of ways to improve our education system. And because of the important role they have played in protecting our most valuable resource – the working people of Tennessee – we should always be thinking of ways to improve unions. But we should never attack hardworking teachers searching for better working conditions (working conditions that benefits students as well) under the guise of improving our public education system.

May 20, 2011 – Passed in the House.
May 20, 2011 – Passed in the Senate.
Bill History

NOTE: The Tennessean reports that the bill was sent back to the Senate Education Committee to be amended. “Tennessee Education Association lobbyist Jerry Winters has said the state’s largest teachers union rejects the Senate revisions as “an attempt to repeal the law and say that you didn’t.”

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