Working Tennesseans – HB 740/SB 551

SPONSORS: Sen. Randy McNally / Rep. Charles M. Sargent

REVOKING A TEACHER’S LICENSE IF BEHIND ON STUDENT LOAN: “Requires K-12 public school teacher, athlete agent, and lobbyist debtors found to be delinquent or in default on student loan payments to have their license suspended, denied, or revoked.” Yet another way to punish hardworking teachers? *Sarcasm on* I mean, teachers make SO much money, why would they ever be behind on their student loans? *Sarcasm off*. And another thing, how can they pay off their students loans if they aren’t allowed to work? Debtor’s prison 2011-style!

LAST WEEK: Senate passed with previously adopted amendment 1.

THIS WEEK 5/9/11: Set for House Govt Ops Committee, Wed, 5/11,11:30 am, LP30.