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Tennessee Citizen Action (TNCA) is a non-profit, community-based public interest and consumer advocacy organization. TNCA’s mission is to work tirelessly on behalf of the citizens of Tennessee to improve overall health, well-being, and quality of life. Specifically, TNCA works to preserve and protect:

  • a responsive civil justice system;
  • fiscal stability and independence;
  • clean air and water;
  • safe and healthy workplaces;
  • affordable, accessible, and quality health care;
  • unencumbered access to the ballot box;
  • a democracy in which the public interest come first.

Tennessee Citizen Action’s activities are carried out by the Executive Director, one staff member, interns and volunteers.

Building Coalitions

The longstanding goal of Tennessee Citizen Action is to create long-term public policy change in Tennessee by building diverse coalitions (around our multiple issues) and a state-wide unified movement for reform. To that end, we actively work with a wide range of government reform, health care, environmental, and labor organizations.

How We’re Doing

Past victories have been in the area of managed care consumer protections; the public’s right to be informed of, and participate in, decision making processes; improving workplace health and safety conditions, and campaign finance and lobbying reform. We are also active in representing consumer interests in the state legislature with regard to banking fees, common-sense lending reforms, and insurance regulation that help to create an equitable economic system. Every year we strive to improve voter participation in traditionally underserved low-income and minority populations.

Why We Need You

Your involvement in Tennessee Citizen Action can make a real difference in our state. Whatever the activity – organizing, community outreach, research, fundraising, public advocacy – we are supported by our members – people like you!


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