300, 3000 or 30,000? How Many Voters Were Turned Away in Shelby County

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Voting BoothAnd, subsequently, how many voters didn’t make it back to their precinct after the problem was fixed?

Jeni DiPrizio reports on Election Day computer glitches in Shelby County:

According to Election Commissioner, Bill Giannini electronic equipment used to check voters had the wrong information loaded into them. Instead of showing early voters for this election, poll workers were given early voting lists from the May primary.

“We have not been able to determine with certainty why this issue occurred,” said Giannini, “We as a staff will look at why this occurred, so it won’t happen again.”

Tony Milton was one of the many voters who were turned away at the polls. Voters were told they had already voted. Milton and other voters were allowed to vote with a provisional ballot. The North Memphis resident waited for his provisional ballot, but said many other voters couldn’t wait and left the polling location. “To have people just walk away, that’s disheartening,” said Milton.

Several Candidates were upset. Many candidates think the Election Commission’s estimate of 3,000 potential voters is not correct.

“The question has to be is it 3,000 or 30,000,” said Sheriff’s Candidate, Randy Wade. “We want some answers and not just hot air. That is only good for balloons and we are not flying those today,“ added Wade.


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