From Progress Ohio: John “The Situation” Boehner and taxes: don’t get ‘snookied’

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Even though we’re Real Housewives of New Jersey fans over here at Tennessee Citizen Action (Team Caroline!), we sure do appreciate Brian Rothenberg and the team at ProgressOhio’s reference to Jersey Shore when comparing the effect of House Minority Leader John Boehner’s tax plan on Ohio teachers. USAction on the True Majority blog, our national org, said they “will refrain from making any jokes about Leader Boehner’s bias toward fellow-orange skinned public figures.” Note to USAction, you are absolved from taking the high road on two conditions, 1) if it’s true, and 2) if it’s funny.

Boehner Plan Means $250k Tax Cut for Jersey Shore Star, $667 for Ohio Teachers

Columbus – With Congress poised to return to session in a heated political season, House Minority Leader John Boehner’s advocacy for extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest Americans (those making over $250,000) will take center stage in Washington and in Cleveland during President Obama’s visit.

“With John Boehner’s recent remarks at the Cleveland City Club and President Obama’s appearance in Cleveland Wednesday, it looks as if the lines are drawn,” said Brian Rothenberg, Executive Director of ProgressOhio. “So we decided to put this debate in terms anyone can understand, so that the difference between Mr. Boehner’s plan and the President’s plan is clear.”

Mike Sorrentino, better known as “The Situation” on MTV’s The Jersey Shore, will reportedly earn $5 million this year. [1] Under Rep. John Boehner’s tax proposal, he would receive a whopping $224,327 tax break. [2] This is 36 times larger than the $6,166 tax cut he’d receive under the current congressional Democratic plan.

The average salary for a Miami County teacher in John Boehner’s district is $52,161. [3] Under Boehner’s plan, he or she would get a $667 tax cut. If President Barack Obama’s Making Work Pay tax credit was extended, the teacher would receive a $1,067 tax cut.

“John Boehner thinks a reality TV star making 100 times more money than a teacher is entitled to a tax break 375 times larger,” said Brian Rothenberg, Executive Director of ProgressOhio. “This is just one example of the ridiculous debate going on in Mr. Boehner’s world. If John Boehner succeeds, we’re all getting snookied.”


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