Hey 60 Plus, Lying to Senior Citizens is Just Wrong

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If you live in the 8th congressional district in Tennessee, you’ve probably heard of 60 Plus Association, the group behind a health care legislation political attack ad.

Forget President Obama. Forget Nancy Pelosi. Forget manufactured political rhetoric that doesn’t mean a thing to the average Tennessee senior who simply wants – and deserves, I might add – to be able to see a good doctor when they need to.

What really matters, and what Tennessee Citizen Action would like to know is, why does 60 Plus Association have to lie to the seniors of the state? And why isn’t this lie the biggest news of the election cycle?

In the ad, 60 Plus tries to convince seniors that the new health insurance reform law somehow endangers Medicare. The ad says, the new health care bill “cuts 500 billion from Medicare.”

But it doesn’t.

According to FactCheck.org, the non-partisan entity that checks the validity of claims made in political ads,  the new health care law “would restrain future growth of the program, but this isn’t cutting from existing spending.”

More important, they say, the “amount is spread over 10 years, totaling about 7 percent of what Medicare was projected to cost over that decade.”

The bottom line is, the new health care bill makes Medicare stronger by tackling waste, fraud and abuse, expanding benefits by providing free preventive care, and helping seniors to stay in their homes longer.

The 60 Plus ad perpetuates the kind of lie that is most reprehensible because, regardless of any truth in advertising laws that are television stations choose to continually ignore, it’s the kind of lie that is allowed to stand without question and eventually makes its way into the public consciousness as a truth.

Hey 60 Plus, if you want to build a legitimate organization, then build it on the truth and the merits of your position on policy. The organization you’re building now is built on deceit and the fear of some of Tennessee’s must vulnerable people.

Shame on you.


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