60 Plus to Tennessee Seniors: “Lie lie lie. Boo!”

Another 60 Plus lie to add to the one posted yesterday. [See “Hey 60 Plus, Lying to Senior Citizens is Just Wrong.”]

If you’re just joining us, 60 Plus Association is the group behind the health care legislation political attack ads running in the 8th congressional district. The ads do nothing but scare seniors into thinking that their Medicare will be ripped from their work-weary hands.

An analysis of the ads by the nonpartisan FactCheck.org confirms that the ads are false:

Many of the ads feature seniors saying the law will “hurt the quality of our care.” But the law specifically forbids cuts in the basic package of Medicare benefits, and even adds some new features, such as wellness checkups. It also closes the “doughnut hole” gap in the prescription drug benefit.

Preventative medical care for seniors! BOO!

Once again 60 Plus, if you want to build a legitimate organization, then build it on the truth and the merits of your position on policy. The organization you’re building now is built on deceit and the baseless fear you’ve stoked in Tennessee’s must vulnerable people.


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