Keith Dobermann Announces Finalists for Worst Legislation in Tennessee

Watch the videos of  Keith Dobermann, Tennessee Citizen Action’s consumer watchdog, announcing each of the 5 finalists for “Worst Legislation in Tennessee!” Who doesn’t like a talking dog?!

Vote for your favorite…er, what you think is the “worst of the worst” at The “winner” will be announced on Thursday, October 21 at the LeQuire Gallery.

Week 1: “Kill Old People Cheap Act” Vote

Week 2: “Beagle Madoff with all my Money and All I Got was This Lousy TShirt” Vote

Week 3: “Selenium! You’re Soaking in it!” Vote

Week 4: “Recount, Schmecount.” Vote

Week 5: “Let Them Eat…Aw, Hell, I Don’t Care What They Eat” Vote


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