What’s Next? Roots Camp Tennessee

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On Saturday, November 20, 2010, Tennessee will host it’s first RootsCamp, hosted by the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center in Memphis, to discuss the successes and challenges facing progressive organizers. This event is free and open to anyone – campaigners, issue organizers, volunteers, and community leaders.

Since 2006, the New Organizing Institute has hosted RootsCamp, an “unconference” where organizers set the agenda, share lessons learned and drive the conversation about best practices in organizing. Rather than panels and powerpoints, people have real live conversations about valuable organizing lessons taken from the field, both online and offline.

The RootsCamp “unconference” model allows organizers to meet and debrief in a way that promotes shared learning and engagement. Instead of the traditional panel discussion, the participants are the presenters! Participants not only take away lessons to apply to their own work, they establish lasting new partnerships with organizers from all over the nation.

TN State RootsCamp promises  to be the most dynamic way for campaigners, issue organizers, volunteers, and community leaders to discuss their organizing in a meaningful way. Seriously. Join us, and let’s plot the course forward.

Register at http://rootscamptn.eventbrite.com/


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