Trickle Down Doesn’t Work. What’s Next?

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The Tennessean is reporting this morning that based on new census data, “The rich got richer and the poor got poorer in Middle Tennessee this past decade.”

New census data starkly illustrate the growing divide between the region’s haves and have-nots.

That would be the enclave of Forest Hills, an area of gracious homes, broad boulevards and dense woodlands. One of the 939 households in this census tract is the $5.2 million property belonging to newly retired Gov. Phil Bredesen. The median household income here is more than $173,000.

That’s almost 20 times higher than the median income in the region’s poorest neighborhood, Napier Park — a wedge-shaped area off Lafayette Street, tucked against the Interstate 24 overpass, not far from downtown Nashville. The median income here is just $8,888 a year.

The gulf is even wider than the gap the Census Bureau found when it gauged the region’s economic health a decade ago. In 1999, Nashville’s wealthiest census tract had a median income only 15 times higher than the poorest.

The picture is the same in surrounding counties, where the gap between wealthy and poorer census tracts is smaller, but growing.”

Interesting use of the word “only” there.

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