You Know You Saw it Coming: The Perfectly Orchestrated Plan to Blame Unions For Everything.

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From Gawker. Yes, that’s right. Gawker:

Unions are the perfect scapegoat: an organization that benefits a relatively small number of actual members, which a mass of disgruntled outsiders can be easily convinced to blame for their own problems. (Immigrants are another good scapegoat!) Like the push to convince the public that our national debt is the fault of a few politicians’ pet earmarks—expenditures that grab attention easily, but that make up a laughably small portion of the spending we actually need to cut—blaming unions for unemployment is a brilliant stroke of political jujitsu, because it appeals to the very people that would naturally be allies of organized labor: the working class.

The Ms. Foundation for Women blog also noticed:

Another day, another attack from the Right on everyday Americans. This time, it’s the unions they’re after, and with them, the livelihoods, safety and economic security of millions of working people — including more than 14,000 child care workers in Ohio, who could soon have their right to unionize stripped from them if conservative lawmakers have their way.

But their tactics signal a dangerous return to a time before unions were empowered to protect the basic rights of workers, and unbridled corporate exploitation was the norm. Decades of advancement to secure the rights of working families are now on the line, and if their efforts succeed, many women, people of color and low-income workers — for whom unions remain a vital resource — are all but certain to find themselves once again vulnerable to unchecked abuse from corporate entities.

And both reference the piece in Monday’s New York Times, “Strained States Turning to Laws to Curb Labor Unions” that states, “A group composed of Republican state lawmakers and corporate executives, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is quietly spreading these proposals from state to state, sending e-mails about the latest efforts as well as suggested legislative language.”

And guess what was the topic of today’s Heritage Foundation email?

The cherry on top? The “perfect demonstration of how this anti-union stance gets packaged into talking points for public dissemination” in William McGurn’s op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal. According to McGurn, public sector unions are “responsible for the coming ‘class war.'”

This reminds me of the time right after the 2004 election when then-Senator Bill Frist started talking trash about immigration policy even though immigration policy – or more accurately, immigrants – weren’t on anyone’s radar. Well, they certainly are now.


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