Some Follow Up Questions on Health Care Reform Bill for Sen. Mae Beavers

The Tennessee Report covered Tuesday’s press conference on health reform repeal and the state-level bill that will do away with the obligation that all Tennesseans participate in health care reform. They also got  response from Sen. Mae Beavers:

However, the Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee chairwoman indicated Tuesday evening that Mancini is the one “wasting time” with her attempts to convince her, Beavers, to betray core conservative constituencies and renege on key campaign promises.

“I’m running with the bill no matter what,” assured Beavers. “(Mancini) can still have national health care if she wants it.”


Beavers said her Tennessee Health Freedom Act does nothing to prohibit anyone from enrolling in government-run or private health insurance programs if they choose; it only seeks to insulate citizens against retribution from the federal government if they choose not to.


In a press release issued last week, Beavers said “the health care law passed by Congress last year is ‘big brother’ at his worst.”


“They think it’s going to be free health care for everybody. Nothing is free. Somebody’s going to have to pay for it,” said Beavers.

I have four follow-up questions for Sen. Beavers, if she’s willing.

  1. Define “National Health Care?” How is the Affordable Care Act “National Health Care?”
  2. What kind of “retribution from the federal government” is she talking about?
  3. How is the health care law is “big brother at it’s worst?”
  4. Who thinks there is going to be free health care for everybody?

Thank you, Senator Beavers.


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One Response to “Some Follow Up Questions on Health Care Reform Bill for Sen. Mae Beavers”
  1. Teresa Eubank says:

    Is this woman for real or does she just have a need for publicity as one of the right wing birthers. She now wants all Presidential Candidates to provide bfore they are allowed on the ballot to provide a “long form” birth certificate with the names of four people that witnessed the birth! Let’s see I am now 57 years of age, I would suspect the witnesses at my birth to be quite elderly or possibly as is the case with my parents deceased. We really don’t have time for these games, three out of four of my immediate family members are unemployed, one a 99’er that is depending on friends and family to keep from going hungry and she is 60, two years away from any SS benefit and Mae Beavers is talking about this “Sarah Palin” type stuff. Stop wasting our time and the money we are wasting on her salary to represent the State of Tennessee. Instead of cutting the people that do real jobs in the state, lets cut the pay and benefits of every legislature we have until such time they get the message, we cannot live or support our families without jobs.

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