Protecting Consumer Protection in Tennessee

The Tennessee Consumer Protection Act which, as the backbone of the state’s Consumer Affairs Division has been protecting Tennessee Consumers since 1977, is facing a dismantling this legislative session. More from Ken Whitehouse at Nashville Post:

TN Consumer Affairs Division Seal

TN Consumer Affairs Division Seal

Jackson, TN attorney Brandon McWherter tells some members of a State House subcommittee that he doesn’t think much of a proposal to remove insurers from Tennessee’s Consumer Protection Act:

“Before voting to remove the entire insurance industry from the scope of the Consumer Protection Act, first consider its express purpose. You, the legislature, deemed that the consumer protection laws were necessary to ‘protect consumers and legitimate business enterprises from those that engage in unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of any trade or commerce.’ If you remove the insurance industry from the scope of consumer protection statutes, you will send a clear signal that insurance companies are above the law, i.e., that ethical conduct required of all business in this State except insurance companies who are free to act unfairly and deceptively without the threat of private recourse.

Read the whole letter at

This would be bad for the hardworking people of Tennessee. Very, very bad.


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