TN Citizen Action Responds to Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey

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This afternoon, over a thousand union members and their supporters rallied at the Tennessee State Capital in Nashville to ask Governor Bill Haslam and the Tennessee General Assembly to make the people of Tennessee their #1 priority. Later that afternoon, approximately 20 students from non-union organizations interrupted the Senate Commerce committee with anti-union busting chants.

Statement from Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey:

“The right of all citizens to protest and assemble peacefully is sacred in the State of Tennessee. However, this General Assembly will not be intimidated by nomadic bands of professional agitators on spring break bent on disruption. We talk through our differences here. Tennessee is not Wisconsin.”

TNCA statement to the Lt. Governor:

“Yes, but will you listen to the 1000 or so people who did assemble peacefully this afternoon and who asked you to make the people of Tennessee your #1 priority? Will you hear their pleas to create quality jobs, generate revenue for much-needed public services, and stop the attack on the hardworking people of Tennessee who provide those services?”


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One Response to “TN Citizen Action Responds to Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey”
  1. Carolyn Hawkins says:

    “Nomadic bands of professional agitators on spring break?” Is he serious? This was a crowd of working people and students from across the state of Tennessee. Once again the “spin” that Mr. Ramsey chooses to characterize the folks gathered in Nashville today is the same ploy used over and over by tea party activists and their ilk to whom Mr. Ramsey is obviously appealing.

    “We talk through our differences here in Tennessee.” Well, that has been the case with collective bargaining by teachers and school boards for the last 30+ years, but Mr. Ramsey and his cohorts have quickly drafted bills in the new general assembly to effectively kill “talking through our differences” between those two groups by denying the right to continue the collective bargaining process in Tennessee.

    Furthermore, he and his legislative cohorts are certainly not discussing other issues being pushed through various legislative bills related to their idea of “education reform” for Tennessee schools with teachers of the TEA, the education association that some members of the Tennessee legislature are bent on destroying even though more than 50,000 Tennessee teachers elect to be TEA members.

    At best Mr. Ramsey’s remarks are disingenuous…

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