Governor Haslam is Pushing It

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The headline of a report by Newschannel5 states that the Governor spent the day yesterday “pushing” his caps on damages bill. Yes, he is pushing it, despite two glaringly obvious reasons why the caps aren’t necessary…

  • It is widely known that Tennessee juries do not dole out excessive awards.
  • Since 2008 when a unique Tennessee solution was put in place to make it more difficult to file non-meritorious claims, there’s been a 44% decline in the number of medical malpractice lawsuits filed.

…and one obvious reason hardworking Tennesseans should retain the right to hold large corporations accountable…

  • Damage awards act as a deterrent against repeated incidences of fraud and abuse. For instance, Tennessee nursing homes are ranked in the bottom 10 of all states so now is the time for them to improve their services and not cut back on quality or staff or training because they no longer have to worry about being punished.

Just ask Pat Crouch:

Pat Crouch and one of her sisters traveled from McMinnville to attend a press conference held earlier Wednesday to oppose the bill. Crouch said her 84-year-old mother died from complications of a bed sore that she got while in a nursing home, which only carried $50,000 worth of insurance.

“That’s all they carried,” she said. “The money issue is the only thing that keeps these people kind of under control. And if they think they can get out of it cheaply, there are going to be more people to suffer.”

Watch the video of the report:


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