When Labor Unions Attack. Or Not.

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Scott WalkerLast month, we wrote why labor unions are valuable. It’s important to remember their value as the Tennessee General Assembly continues to pass bad bills that do nothing but attack unions and their members. These bills, really, are solutions in search of problems.

Watch the video posted below to see 31-year union member, Rep. Gary Moore, explain to sponsor of the bill, Rep. Andy Holt, why HB2019 is a direct attack on union members. And if it’s not a direct attack on labor, then fix the bill:

  • Include other organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or the NFIB in the language of the bill.
  • Amend it to apply to only card-carrying members of these organizations, which will prevent bad actors from inciting riots or throwing rocks through windows (Ask Gov. Scott Walker if agent provocateurs are still used in the day and age).
  • Cite examples of incidences when members of labor unions in Tennessee have inflicted “Damages, harms, injures or threatens to injure or coerce a business, or any employee or representative of the business with the intent to unlawfully intimidate the business or its employees from exercising their rights, which are protected by state and federal law, in an effort to obtain something of value for a union or employee organization, including but not limited to, a neutrality agreement, card check agreement, union recognition, or any other objective of a union or employee organization’s corporate campaign.”


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