Gail Kerr Column Summarizes Squirrely Priorities of State Legislature

Gail KerrIn today’s Tennessean:

“There’s a central theme in this legislature, and it is enough to drive a person bonkers. They ran for office vowing to keep government off your backs and not to stick its nose where it doesn’t belong. But example after example keeps popping up of them doing just the opposite. Local school system control? Forget about it. They know best. The Metro Council deciding local contract requirements? The legislature is on its way to overriding that. Jury control over awarding damages? The legislature knows best, silly jurors.”

In all honesty, they ran on jobs and the economy. Which makes the diversion into “Illogithink,” as Gail puts it, even more troubling. Where are their priorities? When will the needs of the hardworking people of Tennessee become their focus instead of the needs of special interests, large corporations, and out-of-state think tanks?


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