The Greatest Election Ever Sold

With a shrug of his shoulders and an, “It is what it is, gentlemen,” Tennessee State Rep. Glen Casada successfully went to the mat yesterday so that corporations and big business could “have a voice” in Tennessee elections.

The bill, HB1003, which Rep. Casada made sure passed easily through the House State & Local committee, would allow corporations to make campaign contributions for the first time ever in Tennessee. First. Time. Ever.

So while Rep. Casada fights hard for big business to have “a voice” in our elections,” hardworking Tennesseans go without jobs.

And while Rep. Casada fights hard to line his campaign coffers, we’re faced with drastic cuts of valuable public services in the state budget.

And while Rep. Glen Casada fights hard for corporations to be able silence your voice with their money, we have yet to hear a squeak out of him when it comes to disenfranchising the elderly, the disabled, and the poor.


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One Response to “The Greatest Election Ever Sold”
  1. Daphne says:

    Rep. Cassada –

    I find your method of “educating the public” to be immoral, unethical and a total abomination of our basic democratic principles. SHAME ON YOU!! As usual, it is lies and deceits that continue to hood-wink the public. SHAME ON YOU!!!

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