Did Rep. Casada Jump the Gun on Direct Corporate Campaign Contributions?

In his argument for his bill (HB1003) allowing corporations to give contributions directly to political candidates, Rep. Glen Casada of Franklin said he had the Supreme Court on his side. Then he said, “it is what it is, gentlemen.”

Turns out, it’s not what it is.

The outcome of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Citizens United was that corporations had a right to make independent expenditures to support a candidate, but it did not give them the ability to contribute directly to a candidate’s campaign.

HB1003, which has been transmitted to the Governor for his signature, “deletes the present law prohibition against corporations making contributions to political candidates.”

A new ruling issued just last week by a Virginia federal judge would allow corporations to give directly to candidates. This ruling will more than likely end up in front of the Supreme Court.

More from the Election Law Blog.

Watch Rep. Casada defend a corporations right to have influence over our elections:

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