Tennesseans Burned Again

July 20, 2011 by  
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Nothing you know of the story of the lady who sued McDonald’s because she burned herself on their hot coffee is true. If you want to know the facts of the case, listen to the On the Media interview with civil just attorney and documentary filmmaker Susan Saladoff and then watch her HBO doc, “Hot Coffee.”

While sitting in the committee room this past legislative session we heard the “facts” of McDonald’s hot coffee case in all it’s urban legend glory stated repeatedly. We also heard the heartbreaking stories of Tennesseans who fell victims to willful and egregious acts of neglect by large corporations and then successfully sued to hold the corporations accountable. But ignorance prevailed and two months again Gov. Bill Haslam signed his caps on damages bill into law. Now, victims of intentional bad behavior in Tennessee have no way of holding responsible parties accountable.

Watch the trailer:

Stay tuned for details of a screening of this powerful documentary in Tennessee.


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