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Repeal Photo ID to Vote In Tennessee Button Action. That’s what it’s going to take to repeal the excessive photo ID to vote restrictions in Tennessee by the March 2012 primary.

So, with the help of Tennesseans all over the state, the “No Barriers to the Ballot Box” coalition is holding a Day of Action to gather as many petition signatures as possible.

Won’t you join us and help protect voting rights in Tennessee by circulating the petition in your community?

DAY OF ACTION: Repeal the Photo ID to Vote Law in TN

WHAT: Day of Action to circulate the petition to repeal the Photo ID to Vote law in TN. (View the petition language)

WHEN: Saturday, December 10, 2011

WHO: You! But you don’t have to go alone. Reach out to your friends, family, fellow activists, club members, congregants, etc. and ask them to volunteer with you.

WHERE: You decide! Make a list of events that are happening in your community on Saturday, December 10, and then put together a plan of action – where you and your group will go, at what time, and for how long. It can be for an hour or it can be all day. Every signature gets us one step closer to a repeal. Circulate the petition in front of stores and public buildings such as the library, city hall, etc.; Public events, festivals, rallies, fairs, Christmas and holiday bazaars and markets, neighborhood events; Concerts and club events; Generally anywhere you think you can comfortably approach the public.

MATERIALS: Contact Mary at Tennessee Citizen Action by or calling 615-736-6040 for all the info and materials you will need to join us on this historic day.

Make Saturday, December 10, your Day of Action to stand up against voter suppression in Tennessee. Thank you!

PS: Please continue to encourage your friends and family to sign the online petition at


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