The Promise of the State of the State – Is Jon Stewart Clairvoyant?

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Tonight, at 6:00 PM CST, Governor Bill Haslam will give the State of the State address. Tennessee Citizen Action and friends will be live blogging along with the speech starting about 5:30 at

We expect that no small part of the speech will be about jobs and making Tennessee an attractive place for “job creators.”

We also know from last year’s legislative session and the kerfuffle outlined above that those in power don’t put much value on hardworking Tennesseans. Instead they work to privatize public services and increase the profits of large corporations by pushing down wages and benefits.

We’ve been told for decades that this type of public policy will create jobs and yet here we are with the corporate tax rate at an all time low, fewer manufacturing jobs, and record unemployment.

We also know that in this clip from The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was talking about the state of job creation and manufacturing in the whole of the states – the “Union,” if you will – but we think it applie to the state of our state and begs the question, what kind of a workforce do we want in this state?”

Do we want the kind of workforce that they have at Foxconn in China where “employees live in dormitories 8 to a room,” work 35-hours straight, makes thirty-one cents an hour, and get a 12-year prison sentence if they try to form a union? Is this what we can expect in this state all in the name of saving money and valuing the needs of corporations over the needs of the worker?

When will state legislators and the Governor start asking, “Is it good for the hardworking people of the state” before they ask, “Is it good for large corporations and their millionaire CEOs?”


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