Tennessee is Not Immune to Economic Injustice

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Tennessee State Capitol at NightFor some reason, many Tennesseans believe we live in a state where life is good, we are rewarded for hard work and playing by the rules, and our elected officials work for us to improve our lives.

The reality is…uh, yeah, not so much. The evidence lies not only in the  metrics, which illustrate Tennessee’s standing in health, personal safety, and education, but also in how the hardworking people of the state are considered (or not considered, as the case may be) by those in power. In other words, while they say one thing, their actions show their true intent.

In last week’s state of the state, the Governor talked about a food tax cut – a food tax cut that will save hardworking Tennesseans about twenty-cents on every $100 spent. And while the governor is crowing about this empty gesture, he is doing nothing to address the real inequities in our tax system which allow the richest 1% in our state to pay 3.1% of their total income in taxes while the poorest 20% pay amost 12%. In fact, he is doing more than nothing, he’s working to allow the richest 1% to pay even less by pushing for a reduction in the estate tax. Why? Because, he says, it drives wealth from the state. And while we can point to many wealthy families who have stayed put for decades (even though they have enough gas to get them the heck out of dodge), he has yet to provide the public with any examples supporting his position.


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