Kicking Hardworking Tennesseans When They Are Down, Parts 1 and 2


We can’t say it any better than Pith in the Wind:

“Not satisfied with crippling their union and weakening tenure, Republicans running the state House slapped public school teachers again today. This time, Tennessee’s big-government conservatives rammed through legislation to yank their certificates to teach if they fail to pay back their student loans.”

Empathy, right? It’s all about putting yourselves in the shoes of someone else. Try imagining this, Rep. Charles Sargent, sponsor of the bill:

Times are tough, we know that. You lose your teaching job and are out of work for months. You get behind on your bills and one of the first you fall behind on – since, you know, you have to pay your mortgage and put food on the table so your 3 and 5-year-old can eat and keep the heat on – is your student loan. 10 months go by and a teaching job finally becomes available but OOPS your license was yanked so you are no longer eligible.

Too bad for you, Teacher Rep. Sargent, that you can no longer do what you trained to do. I guess it’s time for a career change – why don’t you just go back to school? Oh…you can’t afford it? Too bad.


People who are unemployed are not criminals. Let’s just start there. So when Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, supporter of a bill that would require anyone getting any kind of government assistance to be drug tested says,“I’m in favor of drug testing for people that are on any kind of benefits. Whether it’s unemployment compensation, workers compensation or whatever it is, because I don’t think that we need to be supporting that kind of lifestyle,” we have to wonder, why does the Lt. Governor of our state think so little of the people he has sworn to serve?

A Daily Show  clip features a trip to Florida by correspondent Aasif Mandvi to dispel the myths Lt. Governor has based his support of the bill on – that all poor people working hard to pull themselves out of povery, or who have slipped into poverty because of a wretched economic downturn – are on drugs. Mandvi found Floridian Luis Lebron, a Navy veteran and public assistance recipient, on public assistance and who won’t submit to a drug test. How many Luis Lebrons are there in Tennessee? And why doesn’t the Lt. Governor think better of them?

By the way, welfare recipients use drugs at a much lower rate than the general population. Just sayin’.


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