Student Amanda Wolf Waiting Over Six Months to Get Photo ID to Vote

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Let the People Vote StickerSure, Amanda Wolf is from South Carolina, but if you’re going to try and  tell us that there are no students in Tennessee who are in the same situation as Amanda Wolf, then you are absolutely in denial. From a PBS report:

LUCKY SEVERSON, correspondent: This is a scene more than a few Americans are familiar with: standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the DMV. This one is in Sumter, South Carolina.

Woman in DMV line: Oh, that’s your birth certificate?

SEVERSON: Amanda Wolf has been waiting over 6 months to get the proper papers so she can finally get a photo ID.

AMANDA WOLF: I was adopted in Georgia, and my name was different on my birth certificate, and plus my birth mother and birth father was on the birth certificate, so we had to go to Vital Check, and with Vital Check you have to have a major credit card, which I don’t have.

SEVERSON: And so it went, on and on.  Amanda had a student photo ID when she lived in Florida and used it to vote when she moved here, but not anymore—not under the state’s controversial new voter ID law that was fashioned after an Indiana law the Supreme Court upheld in 2008. State Senator Chip Campsen sponsored the South Carolina law.

The photo ID to vote law is exactly like this one – it is expressly written into the law that a student cannot use their ID:

(B) An identification card issued to a student by an institution of higher education containing a photograph of a student shall not be evidence of identification for purposes of verifying the person’s identification on the application for ballot;

The barriers to the ballot box erected to stop this woman from voting are inexcusable. We should be making it easier for all who are eligible and who want to vote to be able to vote. We should be fixing real problems with our election system rather than passing laws that are solutions to problems that do not exist.


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