Photo ID to Vote Repeal Voted Down in a Senate Committee

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Let the People Vote StickerHB2176 / SB2139, the bill to repeal the photo ID to vote law, was voted down in the Senate State & Local Government committee on Tuesday, March 27. The House State & Local committee will hear the bill next week, Tuesday, April 3 at 1:30 pm.

During the Senate committee, the sponsor of the repeal bill, Sen. Lowe Finney, presented the bill by defending free and equal elections and voting rights for all Tennesseans:

TN State Election Coordinator Mark Goins defended the photo ID to vote law and Sen. Finney responded (watch below). The justification for the photo ID to vote law has always been “to combat fraud.” Yet, after 3 years of asking proponents of the law to show evidence of voter fraud, they still haven’t given us a good answer. What coordinator Goins does give us is one good example of a much-needed and long overdue process put into place – cleaning up voter rolls – and a synopsis of election fraud – fraud perpetrated by those in power, not average citizens,

So, if “voter fraud” is a real concern, and not a manufactured one, then why aren’t we strengthening the already existing laws that punish those who commit fraud (the punishment is already a felony conviction with jail time and a fine) instead of punishing everyone else?

Sen. Bill Ketron, sponsor of the bill requiring a government-issued photo ID to vote, defends his position and Sen. Finney responds:

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2 Responses to “Photo ID to Vote Repeal Voted Down in a Senate Committee”
  1. Penny Gordon says:

    What an incredible waste of the taxpayers dollars. When so many towns and cities are going backrupt, these gentlemen and ladies are spending money on studies concerning voter fraud. Why not use that money on purchasing stop lights, feeding poor people, paving roads etc. I seems that only one political party is interested in this new law. I wonder why?

  2. Mary Mancini says:

    Excellent point, Penny. Thank you for stopping by! And for believing in voting rights for everyone in TN.

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