TN Citizen Action Releases Statement on the Failure of Legislators to Protect Voting Rights

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Nashville, Tenn. (April 10, 2012) — Tennessee Citizen Action released the following statement on the failure of legislators to repeal the photo ID to vote law:

“We’re extremely disappointed that instead of protecting the fundamental right to vote guaranteed us – not once, but twice – by the Tennessee Constitution, Republicans are taking it away,” said Mary Mancini, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action, “The idea of ‘voter fraud’ is a fraud and they have repeatedly refused to present evidence to the contrary. Here’s what’s really going on: Republican politicians all over the country are unnecessarily rewriting our election laws to keep students, people of color, the working poor, and seniors from voting against them. And they’re manufacturing a problem to explain it away.

“The right to vote is a fundamental American right. GOP-led barriers to voting are unnecessary and extraordinarily harmful to our democratic process. We’ve never solved anything in this country with less democracy, and we still can’t.”



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One Response to “TN Citizen Action Releases Statement on the Failure of Legislators to Protect Voting Rights”
  1. Audra Johnson says:

    I agree that voter id laws are being passed by many states to suppress the vote. I believe that these laws should be repealed but if they are not going to be repealed I believe conscious members of society should work together to help ensure all American adults who are eligible to vote have the proper id to do so. I want to help!

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