No Budget, No Pay? We have a Better Idea.

Diane Black Ad Still

What? Me worry?

After we sent out our statement about Congressman Diane Black, et al. 31st attempt to repeal health care reform we got a message back from one of our members with a great idea. He wrote:

I’m sure you have seen some of Diane Black’s re-election commercials, especially the one touting her “No Budget, No Pay” bill. Since she is so sure about repealing ObamaCare, I say that she should amend the “No Budget, No Pay” bill to include “No HealthCare for members of Congress”.

I don’t want my tax dollars going to pay for health care benefits for members of Congress, especially since they are so hell-bent on removing my health care options. NO HEALTH CARE BENEFITS FOR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. Throw them in the deep end of the healthcare pool with the rest of us. Please forward to anyone that will listen.  I won’t rest until I see this turned in the law of the land.

Great. Idea.


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