Wrong Ballot? Blame the Victim.

A “blame the victim” letter to the editor appears in today’s Tennessean. But the author doesn’t address the real issue – that the electronic poll books defaulted to one party’s ballot. The EPBs don’t need to be, and should never have been, set to default to one ballot or another. Here’s the letter:

I’m sure that most people are tired of hearing this whining by the Democrats. It seems like maybe six people got the wrong ballot in the last election, and they want to blame it on the new electric poll books.

The problem lies with the voters, when they don’t even know how they want to vote, or even what a primary is. Surely, when their ballot comes up, they would know if it was the right one or not, and have a machine operator correct it before they cast their ballots.

Poll workers are not mind readers. If Sheriff Daron Hall wasn’t asked which primary he wanted to vote in, why did he not speak up then? Did he not know it was a primary? When the state checks the voting records of voters, I am sure they will find numerous voters who always voted Democrat before but are sick and tired of the past four years and are switching for a “change.”

I work at the polls and see so many people who don’t even know why they are there and have to look at the sample ballot to see who is running. Voters should do their homework before Election Day, and if a poll worker makes a mistake, keep in mind all of us make one now and then.


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