Election Protection a (Very) Busy Success

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A ginormous THANK YOU to all our volunteer poll watchers, hotline answerers (is that even a word?), lawyers, and law students who made our Election Day Poll Watching effort a success. And by success we mean *phew* we’re glad someone was watching…and helping! The Election Protection Hotline did not stop ringing all day, some of our poll watchers wererecruited to become poll workers on the spot, and we empowered voters to stand up for their rights when wrongly turned away.

What we saw in Davidson County was shocking – long lines (some voters waited almost two hours to vote), precincts running out of materials like Change of Address forms and provisional ballots, voters dropped from the rolls even though they voted in 2008, not enough poll workers and/or machines allocated to individual precincts, and poorly trained poll workers who quickly became overwhelmed by the large turnout.

You can read all about it:

What was it like in your County? Did you or someone you know have a problem voting? Share your story here: www.tnca.org/problems-voting.


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