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What's Next TextYes, the election is over but it doesn’t mean the work stops. As a matter of fact, the results at the state level and the looming budget showdown in Washington reminds us that we have to redouble our efforts. And we have to start now.

So here we go…won’t you host a What’s Next Summit?

Register your What’s Next Summit

In Nashville, the What’s Next Summit is scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, November 17, from 10 am – 1 pm at the East Branch, Nashville Public Library, 206 Gallatin Road, Nashville, TN 37206 (MAP).

The vision for the event is for organizations, grassroots activists and volunteers to come together and talk about moving forward – together – after the election. From local election reform to big decisions the President and Congress will have to make about raising taxes on those making over $250K and potential cuts to earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare, there’s much to discuss.

Sample Agenda

  • Debrief state and federal election results
  • There is much work to do on the local, state & federal level – what issues are important to you?
  • Action plan – where do you want to go from here?
  • Consider hosting a What’s Next Summit in your area. It can be two of you getting together for a cuppa joe or your entire volunteer team gathering post-election to stay involved.

Register your What’s Next Summit
and let Citizen Action know how we can help!


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