TN Taxpayers Hold Rally Calling On Rep. Marsha Blackburn to “Stop Pushing the Middle Class Over Fiscal Cliff”

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Local taxpaying constituents held a “Don’t Drop the Ball on the Middle Class” rally outside of Rep. Blackburn’s office in Franklin, asking Congresswoman Blackburn to stop pushing the Middle Class off the Fiscal Cliff by blocking the extension of Middle Class Tax Cut Extension that would avert tax increases on 98% of Americans beginning in January. If Rep. Blackburn fails to act immediately, taxes will go up on every family in America at the beginning of next year. In fact, a typical middle-class family of four would see its taxes rise by $2,200. That means less money to buy groceries or fill a prescription. That means a tougher choice between paying the rent and paying tuition.  That means fewer goods and services being purchased and as a consequence, jobs eliminated.

Call your Representatives Now!

Retired Lieutenant Colonel, Bob Washko: “I’ve served my county my entire life, I’m asking Masrha Blackburn to start serving the middle class instead of millionaires. Stop this attempt to put more of a burden on the middle class, seniors, students, veterans and the most vulnerable Americans while asking too little of the wealthiest Americans.  I’m asking Rep. Blackburn to pass the middle class tax cut extension and end the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest 2% so we are all paying our fair share and pulling our weight.”

Laura Beann, a local volunteer organizer of the rally: “All I want for the holiday season is to not ring in the New Year with a huge tax hike, and I’m definitely not alone. Congresswoman Blackburn needs to do her job before a lot of people in Franklin lose theirs or are forced to make sacrifices with thousands of dollars less in their pockets. Congresswoman Blackburn needs to stop holding middle class tax relief hostage to protect tax breaks for the richest 2%, folks like Donald Trump and Paris Hilton that don’t need another tax break.  All Congresswoman Blackburn has to do is approve the bill already passed in the Senate bill to immediately extend tax relief to 98% of the American people and 97% of small businesses.”

Earik Beann, small business owner: “Any real small business owner will tell you they don’t need tax cuts to make their businesses grow, they need customers.   That’s why passing the middle class tax cuts immediately is what’s important.”

Middle class families want action – and will blame Congresswoman Blackburn and her Republican colleagues for inaction. A recent Washington-Post poll found that a majority [53 percent] of Americans say that if the country goes over the fiscal cliff on Dec. 31, congressional Republicans should bear the brunt of the blame. Thursday’s rally follows a string of similar events happening all across Tennessee asking every elected official to stop putting millionaires ahead of the middle class. Rep. Marsha Blackburn is no exception, she too has local constituents holding her accountable if taxes go up in January because of her failure to act.

Small businesses want action: An American Sustainable Business Council survey in February found a majority of small business owners believe Congress should let tax cuts on taxable income over $250,000 a year expire as scheduled on December 31, 2012, while only 40% said they should be extended.

Call and urge your Congressman to vote for middle class tax cuts now!


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