“Rep. Black: Don’t Drop the Ball on Us” – Murfreesboro, TN Mother

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Statement from Murfreesboro resident Colleen Janus at The Action rally in front of Rep. Diane Black’s office:

Speaker at RallyMy name is Colleen Janus a local taypayer here in Murfreesboro, and a  local volunteer coordinator for The Action, a national movement calling on congress to end the Bush Tax Cuts for the richest 2%, prevent Tax Hikes on the Middle Class and restore fairness and progress from congress.

Today, we are delivering more of the hundreds of letters we have sent asking Representative Diane Black to stop putting millionaires before the middle class before it’s too late and she pushes the middle class over the Fiscal Cliff.

I’m personally taking a stand because my husband and I are Murfreesboro parents who have worked hard to ensure our children have the benefit of a college education.  Our son Paul graduated from MTSU 2 years ago, and Our daughter Stacy is ready to graduate in May with a nursing degree.  $2,000 means a lot to our family.  It is the price of one semester’s clinicals, fees and books.  If the tax rates aren’t extended for middle class America, that could mean yet another loan to get my daughter launched with her nursing career. Middle class tax cuts need to be extended, and the wealthiest 2% need to pay their fair share.

If Rep. Black fails to act, and keeps blocking the extension of the middle-class tax cuts by refusing to sign the discharge petition, it means that all of us will see our taxes go up in January. As much as $2,000+ for most of us. If Rep. Black doesn’t extend the middle class tax cuts before we go over the Fiscal Cliff, it means taxes go up on all of us and the less money people here have in their paychecks, the less money they have to spend at the local mall, the less money MTSU students have to pay for their tuition and text books, and seniors have to pay for their medications.  Rep. Black and Rep. DesJarlais need to stop holding middle class tax relief hostage to protect tax breaks for the richest 2%, folks like Donald Trump who doesn’t need another tax break.   That’s why we’re asking Rep Black to start putting people ahead of politics, sign the discharge petition, vote to extend the middle class tax cuts, and start putting the middle class over millionaires here in TN.   We are here to hand deliver letters to Representative Black telling her that we expect ACTION.

Rep. Black, the Senate has already passed a bill, the Middle Class Tax Cut Act, that extends tax cuts for 98% of Americans and small businesses. All you have to do, Rep. Black, is sign the discharge petition and vote to extend the middle class tax cuts.  Rep. Black, WILL YOU HEAR US AND STOP PUTTING MILLIONAIRES BEFORE THE MIDDLE CLASS? 

Rep. Black, will you sign the discharge petition and vote on the already passed Senate bill to extend middle class tax cuts before you push the middle class over the Fiscal Cliff?

To help me make the point, I’d like to introduce you to a few other Murfreesboro taxpayers to share why they are here.

Make the call now! http://www.phonebank.org/campaign/dont-take-middle-class-cliff

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