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Work Boots in front of  American flagSince 1919 workers’ compensation has helped hardworking men and women who get hurt on the job take care of their families. Throughout the decades it has meant security, well-being & peace of mind for families when breadwinners are injured on the job.

On Thursday, February 28, the Tennessee Advisory Council on Workers’ Compensation will meet in Nashville and review the Governor’s proposed changes to the state’s workers’ comp laws. If allowed, these changes will inevitably gut an already weakened system – hanging working men and women out to dry. Details here.

Please take a moment and
Tennessee workers and their families.

As your state house and senate representatives consider the proposed changes, they have a choice to make: they can either fight to protect the hardworking men and women of Tennessee who elected them OR side with special interests like big insurance companies and large corporations who already benefit from so many loopholes and tax giveaways.

We know that the only way they will do the right thing, and vote against the changes, is if the grassroots communities of our state come together and make them.

Real progress can only come from the people.
Sign the pledge to protect workers’ comp in Tennessee.

At a time when almost no one in politics agrees on anything, everyone should agree that when a worker gets injured on the job, they should be able to take the time to heal without worrying about the health and well-being of their family.

The Tennessee General Assembly must get serious and start prioritizing working families ahead of special interests and large corporations. That means strengthening Tennessee by protecting working folks and their families – not gutting workers’ comp.

Please go now and PLEDGE TO PROTECT Tennessee workers and their families.
Sign the pledge at ProtectTNWorkers.org now.


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  1. Colleen janus says:

    Don’t weaken workers comp! Protect workers’ rights!

  2. Mary Mancini says:

    Thank you, Colleen! It’s amazing to us how they can speak so rationally about these changes when they will remove any semblance of impartiality!

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