TN Citizen Action Urges Legislators to Keep Workers’ Comp System Fair and Impartial

Man holding tool boxIn response to the presentation Workers’ Compensation Division Administrator, Abbie Hudgins, made to the House Consumer and Human Resources Committee on Tuesday, February 19, Tennessee Citizen Action Executive Director, Mary Mancini, released the following statement:

“Yesterday, Ms. Hudgins claimed that the Governor wants changes to the Workers’ Compensation system in Tennessee in order to create a ‘fair playing field.’ But what is fair about a system that loses all its impartiality? If the changes go through, either the Governor or the Governor’s appointee – his workers’ comp czar – will appoint all the decision makers. Currently, the Commissioner of Workforce Development appoints the administrator and the judges who hear workers’ comp cases are independently elected. The changes would mean that the czar would appoint the judges and the governor would appoint the three appeals judges. Even the supposed “neutral” ombudsmen are executive appointees. What’s fair and impartial about that?”

What can you do?

  • SIGN the pledge to Protect Tennessee Workers.
  • CONTACT your legislator and ask them to keep Workers’ Comp system fair and impartial. Use this tool to find your legislator here.
  • ATTEND ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETINGNext Thursday, Feb. 28, at 1:00 pm, the Workers’ Comp Advisory Council will meet in Nashville to discuss the main bill (HB0194 – SB0200) as well as other workers comp related bills. Details are here.

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