What’s Wrong with The Governor’s Video Pitch on Proposed Workers’ Comp Changes?

Only everything.

From jump street the Governor only – and ever – mentions talking to businesses. He says, “As I’ve traveled the state, talking to businesses about making Tennessee an even better place for economic growth…” But what about workers? Don’t they ever count for anything? Are they disposable? Is it like Salon says, that “the ‘original sin’ of the Southern political class is cheap, powerless labor?” Even in 2013?

Look, the Governor has already done a lot for businesses. And that’s fine. But we need to be fair to workers and their families too. It’s the right thing to do. Tennessee’s workers hold this state together with new construction, new manufacturing, etc. They work with the dangerous heavy machinary in the supply chain so that you don’t have to. So you can have a nice car to drive around in and not have to worry about how it was made. They take care of us, why can’t we take care of them?

It’s time that we take the consequences of the changes to their logical conclusion. Let’s add it to this equation: The proposed changes to Workers’ Comp will gut the system as we know it. It will cut income to workers who are injured on the job and can’t work for a while. And less for injured workers’ who can’t work because of their injury means they have less to take care of their families.

Head over to ProtectTNWorkers.org to contact your legislator. Ask them to vote NO on HB 194 / SB 200.

Hat tip for Salon article to The Daily Buzz.


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