A Tennessee for All Town Hall

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A Tennessee for All Town Hall is a direct response to the extremism that Jim Demint and Heritage Action for America (aka The Heritage Foundation) are bringing to middle-Tennessee next week with their “Defund Obamacare Town Hall Tour.”

JOIN: Tennessee Citizen Action and…

  • Senator Estes Kefauver (portrayed by Greg Welsch)
  • Writer/Filmmaker Molly Secours (www.mollysecours)
  • Michele Johnson (Tennessee Justice Center)
  • Councilady Erica Gilmore (Community Benefits Agreement)
  • Breast Cancer Survivor Kelly Gregory
  • More to be announced.

Heritage Action for America are coming to town to rail against Obamacare and to spread a message of obstruction. Our message? We want a government that works for ALL TENNESSEANS.

Please join us!

  • Meet others who want to organize to engage with government and create solutions that work for everyone.
  • Add your voice to the growing number of Tennesseans who want common sense answers to issues like healthcare, voting rights, immigration, and consumer protections.
  • Get updated on how Obamacare can work for you.



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