Insure TN: Bring it to a Vote!

This week, after winning two key committee votes, Insure TN — the Governor’s plan to expand Medicaid to some 280,000 Tennesseans — was rejected in the Senate Commerce Committee.

While the bill has twice met an untimely defeat, there’s one last chance to revive the plan and improve the health security of Tennessee families.

Legislative rules would allow the House Speaker and Senate Speaker to bring the bill to a vote on the floors of their respective bodies. It’s a rarely used power, but the health security of Tennesseans warrants every possible effort.

Here’s what Insure TN would do:

What is Insure Tennessee? 
Insure Tennessee is Governor Haslam’s plan to use federal dollars to help 280,000 Tennesseans get health care coverage. Tennesseans who are eligible for Insure Tennessee have two choices:

• The “Volunteer Plan” will help working families buy their employer’s insurance through financial assistance.

• The “Healthy Incentives Plan” will help families who are unemployed or who do not have insurance through their job get coverage through a new version of TennCare.
Both of these programs offer an affordable option for Tennesseans to get health insurance. Without Insure Tennessee, all of these people are left without health care.
Who Would Insure Tennessee Help? 
Insure Tennessee would allow 280,000 Tennesseans to gain access to affordable health care coverage. The most vulnerable among us can’t afford the support they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

These Tennesseans include

• working Tennesseans with minimum wage jobs—waitresses, janitors, and short order cooks, for example

• 17,000 Veterans who can’t get VA benefits

• college students whose parents don’t have insurance

• people who could get back to work if they could get healthy again


The time to act is NOW!

Email Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey at and

Speaker Beth Harwell at


Ask them to bring Insure Tennessee to a vote.

The time is now to bring health security to nearly 300,000 Tennesseans.

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