ALEC’s Money Laundering Machine Hits Tennessee

A recent news report out of Georgia turned up some disturbing happenings at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) Spring Task Force Meeting in Savannah.
Lobbyists paying for “scholarships” to cover legislator expenses. Secret policymaking meetings where the press was banned. A so-called “non-profit” that works as a money laundering machine for its corporate donors.
It’s against the law for a Tennessee lawmaker to accept a gift or travel from a corporation. But, when those donors make gifts to ALEC, ALEC turns around and offers “scholarships” to lawmakers.
The news report even gets a great rundown of how it all works.
The Tennessee connection? State Senator Brian Kelsey chairs ALEC’s Civil Justice Task Force and is listed as a meeting leader for the Spring meeting that was the subject of this report. Kelsey also chairs the state Senate’s Judiciary Committee.
Kelsey hasn’t said whether or not he received a scholarship from ALEC or other financial support to attend the spring meeting.
But, as Tennessee comes up on the 10th Anniversary of Tennessee Waltz — where 6 state lawmakers were arrested for taking bribes from lobbyists, it’s important to ask: Are Tennessee lawmakers taking laundered bribes from ALEC? Are they participating in secret meetings and making public policy behind closed doors? Why won’t they let the people see what’s going on in those meetings with corporate donors?
Here’s the video on that meeting in Georgia:
Preview YouTube video The Investigators: ALEC – The Backroom Where Laws Are Born

The Investigators: ALEC – The Backroom Where Laws Are Born

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2 Responses to “ALEC’s Money Laundering Machine Hits Tennessee”
  1. Nyla says:

    It’d always been back room politics with the GOP
    We are running out if country songs for the corruption.


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