Protect Early Voting in Nashville

In a statement released today, we called on the Metro Council and the Davidson County Election Commission to come together to protect access to early voting in Nashville.
As a result of actions taken last week, satellite voting locations for early voting will not be available for the upcoming Mayoral and Council elections.
The Election Commission meets again this Thursday and there’s still time to reverse this decision.
Here’s what we said:
Tennessee Citizen Action today called on both the Metro Council and the Metro Nashville Election Commission to come together and take the necessary steps to preserve access to Early Voting. The call comes following a vote last week by the Election Commission that would eliminate satellite early voting in the upcoming Mayoral and Council races, taking the number of early voting sites from 10 down to 1.
 “We understand this is the result of a budget dispute between the Election Commission and the Metro Council,” said Andy Spears, Executive Director of Tennessee Citizen Action.  “But both sides should take every step possible to protect access to early voting. In an area as large and diverse as Metro Nashville, satellite early voting is critical to expanding access to the ballot box.”

 Spears noted that TNCA has requested that the Election Commission use every possible resource to preserve satellite early voting and has asked the Metro Council to make every effort to provide the needed resources to make early voting at satellite locations possible.

 “Access to voting shouldn’t be a political football,” Spears said. “Satellite early voting expands the number of people able to participate in elections – it’s a particular help to those whose mobility or access to transportation is limited.

 “Both the Election Commission and Metro Council should take steps to resolve this dispute immediately and protect the vote for all residents of Nashville.”

We can’t let access to voting be caught up in political games.

Contact your Metro Council member today and ask them to work to resolve this dispute in a way that preserves access to early voting at satellite locations.

And, ask the Election Commission to use every resource possible to preserve access to satellite early voting.


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