A Long Walk for Healthcare

In yesterday’s Tennessean, there’s a compelling story about the ongoing fight to expand Medicaid in our state. The story details the efforts of 20-year-old Fisk student Justin Jones to bring attention to the need for Insure Tennessee.
Here’s an excerpt:

Justin Jones, a 20-year-old Fisk University student, is walking 273 miles from a town in North Carolina that lost its hospital to the U.S. Capitol to advocate for access to health care.

He bought a new pair of Nike walking shoes and packed three purple

Insure Tennessee shirts for the trip. The son of a nurse, Jones said Gov. Bill Haslam’s alternative plan to expand Medicaid got lost in partisan politics and so did the fate of poor people, particularly those who live in rural areas where hospitals are at risk for closure. He began his trek on June 1.

The fight for Insure Tennessee isn’t over. Justin Jones is walking 273 miles to raise awareness of the need to expand access to affordable health care.
You don’t have to go that far to make a difference, though.
What will you do?
Will you contact your legislators TODAY and ask them to support Insure Tennessee?
Will you contact Governor Haslam and ask him to call a special session of the General Assembly to once again consider Insure Tennessee?
Will you share this post with 5 friends and ask them to join our growing network of activists fighting for health security for all Tennesseans?
Will you support our work with a contribution of $5 or $10 today?
Justin Jones is walking 273 miles …. What will you do?

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