Return of the SuperPAC

Last week, we called for an investigation into potentially illegal campaign activity between a Texas-based SuperPAC and the mayoral campaign of David Fox. The SuperPAC is funded by Fox’s wealthy hedge fund investor brother, George Fox.

The Fox campaign called our complaint “fake” and the SuperPAC said it was “frivolous.”

But guess what?

The Fox Brothers have refused to give sworn statements denying any coordination.

And now: They’re Back! The SuperPAC ads, that is.

The Tennessean reports:

An out-of-state Super PAC that has been the subject of scrutiny for helping David Fox’s bid for mayor is set to air its first television ads of Nashville’s mayoral runoff.

Citizen Super PAC — whose Nashville campaign efforts during the general election were paid entirely by Fox’s older brother George Fox  — has purchased television commercial airtime totaling around $194,000 for the next two weeks, according to media buy figures reviewed by The Tennessean.

The story also noted our intent to keep monitoring the situation — and, if necessary, to seek an injunction in federal court to stop potentially illegal spending.

Of course, the Fox Brothers can easily clear this up by simply sitting for depositions and answering a few questions.

Tennessee Citizen Action is serious about election integrity. Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of our democracy and we will fight to ensure Tennessee candidates play by the rules.

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