Free and Fair Elections — It’s Time to Investigate

On August 14th, we called for an investigation into potentially illegal campaign activity between a Texas-based SuperPAC and the mayoral campaign of David Fox. The SuperPAC is funded by Fox’s wealthy hedge fund investor brother, George Fox.

When the Fox Brothers failed to respond, we stated our intent to keep monitoring the situation — and, if necessary, to seek further legal action.

Today, in the face of continued silence from the Fox Brothers and ongoing spending by Citizen SuperPAC in support of David Fox and likely violation of campaign finance laws, we filed a formal complaint and renewed our call for District Attorney Glenn Funk to launch an investigation.

Here’s what we had to say:
“To date, General Funk has not responded to our request to investigate the apparent illegal coordination between David Fox, George Fox, the Fox campaign and Citizen Super PAC,” said Andy Spears, executive director of Tennessee Citizen Action. “We now are taking this additional step, as is our right under state law, to implore General Funk to investigate for the purpose of ensuring free and fair elections.”

We continue to explore a full range of legal options.


“We’re still waiting to hear from Mr. Fox directly,” Spears said. “We’re prepared to take him up on his offer (made in the Nashville Ledger) to swear under oath he had no knowledge of any coordination. We expect him to be good to his word, and we’d like his brother, George Fox, to make the same commitment.”


 “No one should be allowed to take advantage of murky state and federal laws governing super PACs in an effort to essentially buy public office,” Spears added. “We believe David and George Fox must be accountable for their actions, and we call on General Funk to exercise his authority under state law and investigate this matter with swift resolve.”

Board President Bill Mason added:

“Tennessee Citizen Action has been consistent in its commitment to an election process that protects the best interests of every voter, that is transparent, and that advances the democratic process,” Mason said.  “This particular action is neither an endorsement of nor an opposition to any particular candidate, but an affirmation that manipulating or skirting the laws on campaign finance by means of a wink-and-nod collusion between a super PAC and any campaign cannot be tolerated.”

Tennessee Citizen Action is serious about election integrity. Free and fair elections are a cornerstone of our democracy and we will fight to ensure Tennessee candidates play by the rules.

Help us continue to fight to keep elections in Tennessee free, open, and fair. Your contribution of $5 or $10 today will keep us going strong.

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