Sharks and Superheroes

October 21, 2015 by  
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What do sharks and superheroes have in common? They’ll both be at:
The Tennessee Citizen Action Fall Fundraiser on November 3rd in Nashville!
Our hosts are Will Cheek and Kathryn Barnett
1619 18th Ave. South in Nashville
Will you be there?
Will you take a chance to meet Payday the Loan Shark?
Do you want to help us honor former Executive Director Mary Mancini as our Citizen Action Superhero?
Do you want to hang out and enjoy shark-themed drinks and snacks?
Go ahead and reserve your spot today. Tickets are $50 and you can buy them here!
We have big plans for 2016, including taking a bite out of payday loan sharks with strong legislative action.
We need you to join the party — so we can keep fighting.

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