Speaking Up for the Uninsured

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The Jackson Sun has the story of healthcare providers speaking up for the needs of the uninsured as Tennessee policymakers continue to wrestle with the fate of Insure Tennessee.

Family Nurse Practitioner Charles Ricard spoke of the need to provide access to care for the chronically ill:

“Chronic diseases are the things that consume a lot of health care dollars that could be managed in outpatient clinics,” Ricard said. “These people aren’t numbers, they aren’t statistics. They’re not looking for something for free; they just need help.”

Insure Tennessee would provide access to health insurance for 280,000 Tennesseans.

The plan is divided into two parts:

The “Volunteer Plan” will help working families buy their employer’s insurance through financial assistance

The “Healthy Incentives Plan” will help families who are unemployed or who do not have insurance through their job get coverage through a new version of TennCare
Both of these programs offer an affordable option for Tennesseans to get health insurance.

Speaker Beth Harwell has said she expects the plan to come to a vote again in the 2016 legislative session.

Without its passage, hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans will languish without health insurance just hoping they don’t get sick.

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