Who Will Fight Back?

Steve Gill is at it again. He’s joined with a group of right-wing activists to form a new group, Tennesseans for Conservative Action. 
This new group pledges to be involved in legislative advocacy to give tax breaks to the wealthy and weaken protections enjoyed by Tennessee workers.
You can count on attacks on unions, efforts to weaken workers’ compensation, and a call for less investment in public goods like infrastructure and schools.
The question is: Who will fight back?
The answer: Tennessee Citizen Action.
But, we need your help.
Just this year, we’ve taken on ALEC and their favorite Tennessee legislator, Brian Kelsey.
We called out the Fox Brothers when they tried to use a Texas-based SuperPAC to buy the Nashville Mayor’s race.
When Congressmen Stephen Fincher and Marsha Blackburn got cozy with payday lending loan sharks, we exposed the stories.
And when Steve Gill’s new lobbying group tries to halt progress, we’ll call them out. And we’ll call on legislators to reject their regressive schemes and take action to move our state forward.
For more on how to stand and fight for progress in Tennessee, follow us @TNCitizenAction

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