Automatic for the People

There’s some great news about this year’s session of the Tennessee General Assembly.
YES! You read that correctly. This year’s legislative session offers some truly good news.
A pair of bills have been filed to make it easier for individuals to register to vote.
We’ve always fought for greater access to the ballot box and we believe these two bills are important steps in the right direction.
First, there’s HB1724/SB1631 sponsored by Rep. Darren Jernigan of Nashville and Senator Reginald Tate of Memphis.
This legislation would automatically register an individual to vote when they apply for a driver’s license. It’s automatic voter registration! Yes, you can opt-out.  But, more importantly, if passed, this legislation would make it easier to register to vote. Instead of having to obtain a photo ID and then separately register, an individual would simply be registered to vote when they got their driver’s license. One stop to both drive and vote!
Next, there’s HB1742/SB1626 by Rep. Gerald McCormick of Chattanooga and Sen. Ken Yager of Kingston.
This bill calls on the Secretary of State to create an online voter registration system. Again, this would make it easier to register to vote, removing the barrier of having to be physically present in a local election office in order to be registered.
It’s time we moved forward with greater access to voting.
Take a moment right now and urge your legislators to support these important bills.

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